Dentists Who Care

Helping Achieve Healthy Happy Smiles

Dentists Who Care is a private, non-profit charitable organization that was created in 1996 to help solve the problem of poor oral health among children in the Rio Grande Valley. Their mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life for low-income families who have no dental insurance through access to oral health care. To accomplish their goal, the organization directs the volunteer efforts of over 200 dentists and their dental assistants who donate their services on board a mobile dental unit. Basic treatments include a digital panoramic x-ray and a comprehensive oral exam by the dentists. If time permits, treatments such as cleanings, restorations, sealants, fluoride treatments or extractions are also performed. If the children need additional treatments, they are issued a voucher. As part of the Charity Dental Voucher Program, this allows for the children to receive comprehensive treatments from the comfort of the dentists’ offices at no cost to their families.

To date, the organization has provided over $7.5 million dollars in charitable care to over 25,000 children (and adults). Dentists Who Care has been recognized by locally elected leaders, municipalities and county commissioners as well as by former Governor George Bush. Recognition from their professional ranks has also been received including citations from the Texas Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the ADA Health Foundation.

Pictured in the Front Row (left to right): Dr. Miguel Castillo, Dr. Gary Schwarz, Dr. Krystle Garza-Piesen and Dr. Nicholas Quach
Pictured in the Back Row (left to right): Dr. David Taylor, Dr. Grayson Sellers and Dr. Adam Lalonde
Not Pictured: Dr. Senaido Garza